Soft Chip Warm Up Drill

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Here is a warm up drill that works on the soft chip into the zone. This is a tactic that can be used by forwards when attacking the blue line in 2 on 2 or 3 on 2 situations. The idea is to chip it softly into space just inside the zone so that the player coming through with speed can pick it up. This drill is also great for goalies to work on their lateral movement.

The players should line up in four equal lines with the first player at the blue line. The first player (P1) will carry the puck out towards center ice and then make a pass to the first player in the opposite line (P2). P2 receives the pass and takes a couple of steps off the boards to create an angle and chips the puck into the zone so the puck ends up near the top of the circles. P1 should skate full speed into the zone to receive the chip then get on their inside edges and look to make a pass to the second player who is driving hard to the far post.


syr08nats on 9/18/2019

ADJUST this drill!! When player receives the PASS, cross the blue line, cut across and then drop the puck off the boards.

PLAYER who makes the pass, comes in BEHIND the player (DEFENSIVE SIDE) and picks the puck off the boards

kdd1648B on 9/15/2015


trekr11 on 10/1/2014

We have done this drill but please take note of the change that has been made.

2nd man is now getting involved after he has made the chip.

Cantonniers2014 on 3/10/2014


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