Short Long Passing Warm Up Hockey Drill

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This is a simple shooting warm up hockey drill that can work well for pre-game warm ups or pratices with lots of players where you can use both ends to warm up the goalies.  Players lin up along the boards at the blue line as shown in the diagram.  The first player in line skates out to the red line and makes a tight control turn back to the blue line to receive a short pass from the second player.  After making the pass, the second player skates out to the red line and across the ice and then turns back into the zone to receive a pass from the third player in line.  After the players shoot they should retreat into the slot and look for a rebound from the next player.


coachmac on 12/7/2015

Ensure players follow their shot to the net. First shooter needs to get into a position for the rebound from the second shooter. Both players should end up in front of the net.

kdd1648B on 9/9/2015


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