Shadow Recovery Drill

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This skating drill focuses on specific elements for forwards and defense.  The defense work on pivoting and recoving against the forwards with speed.  The forwards simply work on speed and receiving a pass in stride.  The forwards and defense should be split up into four lines as shown with the forwards in the corners and the defense just off the post.  It is important that the players start on the goal line.  The forwards simply skate around the face off circle and gain as much speed as possible into the neutral zone where they will receive a pass from the coach.  After they receive the pass they go in for a shot on net. The defense start backwards and just inside the blue line they will transition forwards to mirror the forwards and maintain a tight gap.  More times than not the forwards will beat the defense up the ice, therefore the defense need to work on pivoting and recoving as fast as possible to keep the forward to the outside of the dots.


jtremblay44 on 9/16/2015

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