Rubber Neck Goalie Drill

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This is a drill for goalies but fun for players who want to work on their scoring touch as well.  Place wo players along the goal line, one on each side of the net just outside the face off dots. Place the other two players just off the posts in the high slot.  The coach or another player should be behind the net with the pucks.  The goalie starts the drill on their stomach.  At the start of the drill, the coach will slap the stick on the ice (to let the goalie know the drill has started) and make a quick pass to any of the four players.  The goalie needs to find the player with the puck and get in good position as quickly as possible.  The player who receives the pass must move in for a close shot or deque on the goalie.  This forces the goalie to come to play the shot and yet maintain good position as the player moves in closer.  It is challenging for the  goalies but it is a great workout.  It can be more fun if it is turned into a game as well.

To make it even more challenging, have the the coach point out a second player after the pass is made.  it then becomes a 2 on 0.  


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