Ring It 1 on 1

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This is a 1 on 1 drill in which forwards will work on retrieving and controlling the puck when it is rung around the boards.  Set up with all the defense in the middle except for the player who is ready to go, that player starts along the boards at center ice.  There should be two lines of forwards at each face off dot with pucks.  On the whistle one of the forwards steps out with a puck and rings it around the boards to the other forward. Alternate sides on each repetition.  In this case F2 rings the puck around to F1, F1 should tranistion inside out so they can retrieve the puck while they are moving forward, as opposed to standing still on the boards waiting form the puck to come to them.

The goal for the forwards is to get comfortable retrieving the puck off the wall and accelerating to full speed as quickly as possible.  The goal for defense is to time their transition so that they have a good gap and not let the forward gain the offensive zone.  If the forward has trouble controlling the puck, or if the forward has their head down, the defense can step up.  


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