Retrieval Races

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This is a skating drill that works on forward to backwards transitions, backwards to forwards pivots, and retrieving pucks out of the corner.  To start the drill the player skates forward out around the cone and transitions backwards.  At the second cone the player pivots towards the corner to retrieve a puck.  The players should open up their hips and avoid crossing over as they pivot.  Once they retrieve a puck then they keep their feet moving out of the corner, attack the slot from the half wall, and take a shot.

If you have a goalie then you can stagger the  players so that the shots are spaced out enough for the goalies to recover.  If you do not have a goalie then you can turn it into a race.  The first player to shoot their puck into the net wins.  The only rule is that the players have to shoot the puck inside the cones (dots).

Comments on 9/13/2019

Retrieval races


U12dev on 2/9/2019

Warm Up #1

DaveMac on 10/10/2018

Quick shooting drill with backwards skating

derekfosberg on 1/11/2016

Express 04

jcooper on 11/8/2015

stagger pattern for 2 consecutive shots

Wiese3313 on 8/15/2015
A quick warm up drill for goalie

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