Recovery 2 on 2

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This drill is very similar to the 2 on 1 Backchecker Drill. The difference is that the defense start about 5 feet inside the blue line going backwards.  For the defense it simulates a situation where they get beat in the neutral zone and they have to transition forwards and sprint to the near post to break up the play. Try to get them to tranistion by opening up their hips right into a forward stride instead of crossing over. If they can master that move it is much more efficient that crossing over, and you will notice the players who do cross over will have a tendency to stumble every once in a while.  The backcheckers in this drill have been moved back to the hash marks which really makes them work hard to get back into the play.

On the whistle the coach will pass a puck to F1 as they go around the cone.  F1 should be moving their feet the whole time and drive inside to outside (in this variation).  F2 is going around the cone and then driving to the near post with their stick on the ice ready for a rebound or pass from  F1.  Forwards need to have a sense of urgency to make a play on the net because the defense and backchecker are trying to get back in a position to break up the play.



bryan.williams29 on 12/9/2018

Back pressure

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