Quickie 2 vs. 1 with Scissor Cycle

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This hockey drill starts with a quick 2 on 1 in the slot area against a passive coach that acts as the defender. After the 2 on 1 both players will stop at the net and then play a puck out of the corner, once again versus the passive coach. The players will do a scissors cycle to create another scoring chance, and again, both player will end up in front of the net. After the second scoring chance they will then sprint out of the zone as though they are back checking.

The first key point of this drill is the F1 making a move on the stationary net. Encourage the players to pull the puck way outside and use their feet to make a good lateral move.

The second point of emphasis is reading the situation that is given by the coach. The coach will give the puck carrier a clear option by either attacking the puck carrier or taking away the passing option. F1 needs to read this and wither shoot or pass. Both players need to stop at the net.

The next phase is getting to the loose puck. F1 has to explode into the corner to get the puck played into the corner by the other coach. F2 should sprint out to the high slot and transition backwards to survey the zone. As F1 gets control of the puck they need to move up the wall. F2 needs to keep moving, transition forwards, and support F1. F1 should play the puck back down low into space which creates a scissor cycle and then find space in the slot to receive a return pass from F2. Again both players stop at the net.

The last part of this drill is simple. Both players pretend like there is a turnover and back check hard all the way out of the zone.


jay-susan@comcast.net on 9/2/2019

great quick cycle drill can add d and onother f

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