Quick Touch Passing Warm Up

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This hockey drill is a half ice drill and typically used for a drill early in practice or a pre-game warm up.  Designate two players to start out as the "passers" and place them in the high slot about 15 - 20 feet apart (as shown).  The remaining players line up at along the boards on the blue line on each side with pucks.  To start the drill the first player makes a pass to the opposite passer. The two passers make as many passes between each other as they can. Meanwhile the player that passed the puck skates out along the blue line and around the player they passed it to.  The two passers need to keep passing the puck until they can deliver the puck to P1 as they get into scoring position.  P1 should receive the pass and get a shot off quickly. It is a good drill for goalies too as they will be taking lots of shots from both sides.

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