Quick Shot, Quick Stuff

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This hockey drill is a fun yet challenging drill for forwards.  Have the players line up at the neutral zone face off dot as shown in the diagram with the pucks.  One passer needs to be designated at the start of the drill and they will set up just outside the opposite in-zone face off dot.  The first player in line takes a couple of hard strides towards the red line and transitions outside towards the boards so thet are always facing the next guy in line.  The second player in line makes a pass to the first player after their transition. The first player receives the pass , controls the puck for a couple of strides and then makes a pass to the designated passer.  The designated passer makes a quick pass back to the first player for a quick shot.  After the shot the first player skates behind the net and retrieves a puck thrown down by the designated passer.  The first player then attacks the net from behind the goal line.


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