Quick Gap 1 on 1

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Gap control is a tough concept to teach young players.  It is so important yet most players like to play it safe and give up the blue line way to easy.  In this drill the defense is put in a position where they are forced into a good gap.  The defense are lined up at center ice and the forwards are lined up in line with the dots just insude the blue line.  The position of the forwards may vary depending on the level of play.  If the defense end up to large of a gap then move the forward line closer to the blue line.  It may take a couple of reps to gauge where to place the forwards.

To start the drill, F1 makes a quick transition to the boards making sure to always face the second player in line.  The second player in line will make a pass to the first player as they transition up ice. The defense starts at the red line and skates up to the dot and transitions backwards to face the one on one.  Remind the players to stay on their half of the ice until they cross center ice to avoid a collision.

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