Quick Coach 2 on 1 with Backcheck

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This hockey drill is a full ice 2 on 1 situation in which you can add a backchecker to increase the urgency of the offensive players.  It may be a good idea to start without a backchecker and teach the forwards and defense how you want them to play the 2 on 1.  To set up the drill place the coach in the middle of the ice just inside the blue line with the pucks.  Two lines of forwards should set up at about the bottom of the center ice circle facing the coach (as shown in the diagram).   On the whistle the forwards skate forwards to the coach and then transition backwards so they are always facing the puck, then transition forwards up the ice.  The coach will give one of these players a pass and the two forwards attack in a 2 on 0 situation.  The defense starts along the boards on the opposite blue line (see diagram) and on the whistle sprints out to center ice and transitions backwards.  The defense has to read the situation and adjust based on which player has the puck.

When it is time to add some urgency to the rush, designate three players to take turns backchecking.  The backcheckers will start just behind the coach and they have to wait until the coach makes the pass.  The backchecker needs to skate towards the weak side player.  If the backchecker is in good position the defensive player can play the puck carrier, and if not, they should play it as a 2 on 1 situation. 

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