Quick 2 Pass Drill

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The goal of this drill is for your players to work on quick puck movement in the umbrella power play formation.  The first pass comes from the coach or another player out of the corner (this pass can go to any player).  There are two quick passes before the shot is taken.  The the goal is for each touch to be a one touch pass or shot. The key fundamental that we like to work on in this drill is for players to receive the pass in a position where they can shoot OR pass from the same position.  Therefore, in this drill, no slap shots are allowed.  Young hockey players like to try and shoot a slap shot from these positions, but it is a bad shot for several reasons. First, it lets everyone know that the shot is coming, where as if they use the right technique, the opponents are not sure if they will pass or shoot.  Second, most young players don't have the accuracy with a one time shot, and hitting the net is too important in this power play system. 


jbona on 12/26/2018


ajs22 on 2/1/2016

54 Power Play Umbrella Drill 

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