Quarter Ice Obstacle Course #2

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This obstacle course is geared for advanced players at the mite / novice (u8) age level. It includes the following skating fundamentals:

  • forward to backwards transition
  • backwards skating
  • backwards to forwards transition
  • two foot jumps
  • cross-overs
  • one foot step overs
  • forward stride

Set Up

To view the layout of the objects be sure to view the diagram. Place a cone about 20 feet straight in front of the line and a second cone slightly staggered almost back at the goal line. Then slightly after the first cone place two borders about 5 feet apart. Next place 4 cones in a square far eough apart so that players can do cross-overs around them. Then place 4 sticks about 3 feet apart at the outer edges of the station as shown.

It might be best to allow players a few test runs before you start the actual races. This way you can have several players going at once and they get more repetitions.

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