Pre-Game Three Lane Transition Shooting

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Here is drill that works well for pre-game warm ups or half ice situations.  It is a good drill for goalies because they will see long shots from all angles.  To set up the drill place three lines at the blue line facing center ice.  One line is in the middle and the two outside lines are in line with the face-off dots.  Place three passers directly in front of the three lines at the red line.  The first player in line one will give the passer a pass, skate forwards out to the red line, transition to the outside, and receive a pass back from the passer.  After they receive the pass they carry the puck inside the blue line and take a long shot on net.  Encourage the players to move their feet from the first pass all the way through the shot.


kjr2006 on 6/26/2018

possible pregame warm up


WmJPMcHugh on 8/25/2014

Like for 5 min warm-up

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