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This is a conditioning drill that can be used in half-ice situations.  Although it is a conditioning drill there are some habits that can be taught within the drill. Set up the drill as shown in the diagram with 6 lines with 2 or 3 players in each line.  There are three lines on each side, line 1 starts at about the top of the circles, line 2 starts at about the hash marks, and line 3 starts at about the top of the crease.  On the whistle line 1 sprints out to where the blue line meets the boards, the players should work on attacking the this point inside out, stop, and sprint back to the starting position.  Once the player from line one stops at the boards, the player in line 2 starts and attacks the half wall, stops and sprints back to the starting position.  Once player 2 stops near the boards, player 3 attacks the corner, stops, and sprints back.  As player 3 stops in the corner, player 1 starts the cycle over again.  Each player should do 3 reps before switching out with the next player in line.


Falcons18 on 8/5/2019

Good conditioning drill for half ice.

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