Pivot,Receive, Shoot

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This drill works on pivoting and can be useful as a half-ice warm up.  Set up the drill with two lines in the high slot as shown in the diagram.  A coach or dedicated passer should have all the pucks between the two lines in the high slot as well. You can use two cones placed on the neutral zone face off dots or just use the face off dots as visual markers. The first player takes a few quick, hard strides out to the cone and pivots backwards around the cone so they are always facing the passer.  They pivot forwards as they gain the blue line and receive a pass just inside the zone from the passer.  After they receive the pass they should focus on moving their feet and getting a quality shot on net.  After the shot they wait in front of the net for a rebound from the next player on the other side.  It is a good idea for shooters to shoot for a rebound from this outside angle.  Shooters should shoot low and towards the outside leg pad of the goalie for a rebound.


jbona on 12/26/2018


joe@elitecabling.com on 7/30/2015
Can modify by having player receive a pass from coach as he starts skating to the line and than player makes quick pass to another coach in the centre ice circle area. Player pivots around face off dot or pylon and receives pass back from coach 2 as he skates down into the zone than takes a shot.
lakerssquirtb on 11/12/2014

Fast drill working on the front to back to front switch.

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