Philly Down Low Progression #2

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This is an offensive zone drill that builds off of the previous Philly Downl Low Drill.  The purpose of these drills is to work on the basics of possessing the puck down low by moving the feet, protecting the puck with the body, supporting the puck carrier, and communicating.  The diagram for this drill is a bit of a mess so it is important to view the animation to understand it completely.

This version of the drill starts out the same exact way with F1 dumping a puck behind the net and then retrieving it.  Just like the previous variation the puck carrier carries it up the wall while moving their feet.  This time F2 sprints down to provide support for F1 right away.  As F1 approaches the cone then they cycle it down to F2 as they call for the puck.  F1 then immediately turns to provide support for F2 as they come up the wall.  F1 calls for the puck and F2 cycles it back down low again.  After cycling it down low then F2 looks to get in position in the high slot as F1 moves down below the goal line with the puck.  F2 needs to have time their break into the slot.  Both players should end up around the net looking for a rebound.

After the play is dead F1 goes to the high slot and becomes F2 for the next repetition on the other side.

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