Panther Warm Up Skate

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This skating drill is a good way to start of practice with some skating fundamentals specific to forwards and defense.  Two coaches or extra players are required for passers.  Set up the forwards and defense on one end of the ice, each forming a line on their own side of the ice as shown in the diagram. The forwards will start with a pass to the first passer and skate forwards out around the top of the circle.  As they circle the bottom of the circle they transition backwards so they are always facing the puck.  The passer will make a pass back to the forward as they turn up ice.  This is repeated once more in the neutral zone with the second passer. After receiving the second pass they attack the blue line inside out while keeping their feet moving.  The forward continues to drive to the net and has two options.  They can either shoot, or make a pass to the defense, who is driving the net.

At the same time the defense starts by taking a few hard strides to the face off dot and transitioning backwards to the blue line.  At the blue line they stop and skate hard forwards back to the goal line, transition to the middle of the ice and skate hard backwards to center ice.  At center ice they open up (without crossing over) and drive to the far post.

After the second pass is made to the forward the next pair starts.



Ryanhockeycoach on 8/21/2019

Warmup Skating 

kirlbeck on 10/7/2018

Run this drill from both sides of the ice.

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