Overload Power Play Drill

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This drill is focused on the important skills used in a typical overload power play situation. It is also a good shooting drill that can be used in half-ice situations. To set up place a line of defense at the blue line along the boards and one line of forwards in the corner. The drill starts by F1 passing the puck to the defense and following the pass up the wall as the defense walks the puck to the middle of the ice along the blue line. Make sure the defense walks the puck at least to the inside hash marks before making the pass back to F1 along the wall. F1 will receive the pass from D1 and explode into the seam. Challenge these forwards to keep the puck in a shooting position and keep their feet moving. After the shot the forward follows the shot to the crease and stops. Meanwhile D1 sprints back to the boards and receives another pass from F2. F2 follows the pass up along the wall just like F1 in the first cycle. This time, when F2 receives the puck they look to make a pass back to F1 who is now becoming available along the goal line. F2 makes a pass to F1, sprints into the seam, and receives a pass back from F1 before taking the shot. The drill then repeats in this manner.


thall81267 on 10/28/2018
Power Play Overload

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