Offensive Zone Cycling with High Roll

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This is an offensive zone hockey drill that gets the defense involved in the play.  It can be useful as a power play drill as well.  Set up four lines along the blue line, the defense should be against the boards, and the two forward lines should be in line with the face off dots.  The coach is set up in the middle with the pucks.  The coach starts the drill by dumping the puck into one of the corners.  The strong side forward (F1) will sprint into the corner to get the puck and make a tight control turn up the boards.  The weak side forward follows F1 into the corner and calls for a cycle.  F1 cycles the puck down to F2 and then continues into the slot.  When F2 gets the puck, the strong side defense (D1) initiates the play by skating towards F2.  F2 needs to use their body to create separation from the boards so they can leave the puck for D1.  When D1 gets the puck they have three options.  First they can throw the puck on net and hope for a re-direct or rebound.  Secondly they can send F1 a hard pass across the crease for a one-timer.  Third, they can pass back to F2 in the high slot. Int he next repetition the coach can dump a puck into the opposite corner so players can work from both sides.


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