Offensive Advantage 3 vs 3

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This game is a typical 3 vs 3 small area game but with a slight twist.


Place two nets facing each other as though you were playing a normal 3 vs 3 game. Create a center line with a marker, spray paint, discs, or cones. The coach will have pucks on one side of the playing area with players split into two equal teams on both sides.

How To Play

The coach will dump a puck into play and 3 players from each team will compete for the puck. All three players from one team are allowed to be in the offensive half, however, only two players are allowed in the defensive half. This creates a 3 vs 2 situation for the offensive team in the offensive half.

Key Points

  • Players have to recognize and be aware of how many of their teammates are in the defensive half and adjust.
  • The offensive team needs to be aware of when they may lose possession of the puck and think defensively so they do not allow an easy break for the opponent that not allowed in to the defensive half.

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