Off The Wall - Neutral Zone Exchange

Off The Wall - Neutral Zone Exchange diagram

Off The Wall - Neutral Zone Exchange from NewEdge Hockey that helps defenseman practice passing, regrouping, communication, and more.


  • Split up the defenseman on each half wall.
  • On the whistle, to start, D1 skates out and passes to the coach at center ice.
  • Both D1 and D2 skate up to the blueline and transition to skate backward.
  • The coach gives a pass back to D1.
  • D1 and D2 work to pass once in front of each net.
    • Part 1 of the drill - Bank Pass: To continue the drill, D1 banks the puck behind the boards to D2, who passes it back to the next player in line (D3) to continue to the drill.
    • Part 2 of the drill - Reverse Pass: To continue the drill, D1 makes a reverse pass to D2, who passes the puck up to the next player in line to continue the drill.
    • Variations: Coaches can have players do different regroups / transitions before passing back to the start of the line.

Coaching Points

  • Passing: Put a strong emphasis on passing quality and communication during this drill.
  • Gap: Keeping a consistent east/west gap is critical.
  • Reverse Tip: When running the reverse, the defenseman who ends up in front of the net before retrieving the reverse pass needs to survey/scan the front and pressure on the puck carring defenseman before calling the reverse.


coaches on 12/7/2021

neutral exchange

coaches on 11/2/2021

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