Norwegian Flow Drill

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This drill is run out of opposite corners at the same time.  The diagram, for the sake of cleanliness, has just been shown from one corner.  In the drill, the last player has to pay attention and be ready as they will be receiving and giving passes.  P1 starts the drill by carrying the puck around the net and making a pass to P2.  P2 gives the puck right back to P1 and P1 continues down the ice.  P1 gives another pass to P3 after they cross the far blue line.  P3 makes a return pass as P1 is swinging back towards the side where they began.  Just  after P1 crosses the red line they give a pass to P5 (the last player in that line) and will receive a pass back in the slot area. P1 shoots and then goes to the end of the line in the other corner.  Therefore in this diagram, P1 will take the position of P2.  P4 does the same thing at the same time from the opposite corner.

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