Neutral Zone Support 3 on 1 - #2

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This variation adds an offensive defense to the drill.  They start inside the zone at the top of the circles (as shown), sprint up to the dot, transition backwards, and receive a pass from player 1.  The defense handles the puck, creates a better passing angle and passes back to player 1.  Player 2 needs to read the play and maintain good timing and spacing to receive the puck from player 1.  Once player 1 passes the puck to player 2 they should drive hard to the net.  The offensive defender can now follow up the play and become the high trailor.  Player 2 now has two options on the attack.  They can try to go back door to player 1 or use the defense that is trailing the play in the high slot.


LeeB66 on 2/10/2019

good one

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