Neutral Zone Support 2 on 1

Neutral Zone Support 2 on 1 diagram

The two forwards in this drill start by sprinting up to the blue line, making a tight control turn towards the outside, then skating back to their respective cone and making another tight control turn.  Player 1 picks up the puck as they turn around the cone to the outside. Player 2 supports player 1 with good timing and space and receives either a direct pass or a chip off the wall.  The forwards then attack the defense in a 2 on 1 situation.

The defense start on the blue line and explode backwards to the dot.  At the dot they skate forwards to the bule line, transistion to the inside, then play the 2 on 1 back towards the net.


wildtime on 9/27/2015

practice drill


jtremblay44 on 9/16/2015

Approche 2 vs 1, bon exercice d'approche pour le défenseur

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