Neutral Zone Puck Races #5

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This neutral zone puck race focuses on cross-overs and control turns.

Set Up

Place two equal lines at the starting line marked by a couple of cones next to the face-off dots (see diagram). Place cones or tires in a square as shown and make sure to keep them out of the middle so they are not in the way as players are racing for the puck. Place another tire or cone on the opposite face-off dots. A coach will have the pucks along the wall on the opposite side. A net can be placed between the lines. If you have a goalie then use a regular sized net. If not, a mini net will work fine.

How to Play

Players will do forward cross-overs around the four tires. They do one full lap making sure they do not run into each other. Then they skate out to the far cone/tire do a tight control turn and race for the puck that the coach has placed into play.

Credit: Diagram and animation produced using Hockey Coach Vision.

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