Neutral Zone 2 on 2

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This is a basic 2 on 2 game that can be set up in the neutral zone. Split up the players into two teams and have them line up along the dots as shown. The coaches can have the pucks on both sides in the middle. On the whistle two players from each team go into the center circle and the coach plays a puck into the circle. The four players play 2 on 2. When a goal is scored, the puck is frozen, or the puck goes out of play then the coach plays a new puck into the center circle. On the next whistle the players exit the playing area and two new players from each team enter. Player along the outside can help keep pucks in play by bumping them back to the inside.

To work in tight spaces the nets can be brought very close together or they can be spread out a little bit to give players more space.

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