NEHDA Continuous Retrieval Outlet

NEHDA Continuous Retrieval Outlet diagram

NEHDA Continuous Retrieval Outlet is an excellent drill from NewEdge Hockey that helps players practice puck retrievals, scanning the ice, passing, shooting, and more. 


  • Spilt up the players into two groups and have each group on a face-off dot.
  • To start the drill, a player chips a puck into the corner, P1 retrieves the puck and passes it to P2 at the point. P2 walks the blue line, takes a shot, and then jumps to retrieve a puck in the opposite corner. The next player in the opposite line, P3, chips a puck into the corner for P2 to retrieve.
  • The drill is continuous and there are a variety of retrievals techniques that can be practiced. A few that are shown in the video are:
    • Part # 1 Face Up Ice: Retrieve the puck and get it up ice as quickly as possible.
    • Part # 2 Puck Protection & Shot: Retrieve the puck and perform to puck protection cutbacks along the boards before passing the puck up.
    • Part # 3 Puck Protection & Shot With Tip: Retrieve the puck and perform to puck protection cutbacks along the boards before passing the puck up. After a player passes the puck to the point, they go to the front of the net for a tip.
    • Variation: Players can throw puck off the boards instead of a direct pass to the point, so the defenseman works on collecting the puck at the blueline before they take a shot.

Coaching Points

  • Head up: Focus on strong surveys / scans before retrieval.
  • Deception: Be deceptive and decisive and get the puck on your hip, eyes up and make an excellent pass.
  • Shooting: Get shot off quickly.

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