Moose Simple Timing Drill #1

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One of the hard things to explain to youth hockey players is the importance of timing.  In the neutral zone timing is everything but most forwards are in such a rush,they don't give themselves the best opportunity to receive a pass from their own defense.  In this drill, the focus of F1 is to time their break across center ice so that they are in a good position to receive a pass from D1 at full speed.  The drill starts by D1 skating forwards to about 10 feet of the boards and then turning backwards to receive a pass from D2.  Once D1 receives the pass they keep their feet moving and transition forwards while moving to the middle of the ice.  D1 needs to keep their feet moving and head up.  D1 then makes a pass to F1 who is skating full speed though center ice.  F1 takes the puck wide and drives into the zone, again keeping their feet moving the entire time. F2 starts at the same time as F1 but curls back to the boards (make sure they face the puck the entire time) and then sprints to near post for a rebound or pass from F1.

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