Moose Simple Timing 2 on 1

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This drill is builds off of the previous neutral zone timing drill by incorporating a 2 on 1.  To start the drill, D1 and D2 step out as shown int he diagram. They should be spaced  about a zone apart (red line to blue line).  D1 is skating backwards and D2 skates forward until they give a pass to D1. D1 receives the pass from D2 and transitions forward looking to give a pass to F1.  After D2 gives a pass to D1, they transition backwards ready to take on F1 and F2 in a 2 on 1 situation (maintaining a good gap as well).  The timing of F1 is critical.  They should receive the puck at full speed but not too far ahead of the play or it is an easy play for D2.  F2 curls to the outside alwasy facing the puck and drives to the near post for a pass or rebound.


jhinds on 10/30/2018


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