Michigan Neutral Zone Timing Drill

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This hockey drill is focused on the timing of the center,  attacking the zone with speed, and making a delayed play to the defense in the offensive zone.  Place one line of forwards at each blue line along the boards and two lines of defense behind two of the forward lines (as shown). The pucks should be with the two lines that are on the opposite side of the ice from the defensive lines.

The defense starts the hockey drill by skating up to center ice and transitioning backwards.  F1 waits for D1 to transition backwards and call for the puck before giving them a pass.  At the same time F2 start to skate back towards D1 to provide a neutral zone outlet pass.  D1 receives the pass controls the puck while skating backwards. Then they do an escape move just inside the blue line.  After making the first pass, F1 times their route through center ice to be available for a pass from D1.  D1 passes to F1 who makes a one touch pass to F2 along the wall.  F2 has to time their route so they have speed when they receive the pass from F1.  F2 attacks the zone inside out and delays.  F1 has to go hard to the net to clear a passing lane for the pass from F2 to D1.  D1 comes into the zone late to receive a pass from F2.  All three players should end up at the net.


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