Lulea 2 v 0 Neutral Zone Warm Up

Lulea 2 v 0 Neutral Zone Warm Up

Set Up:

  • Split groups into two groups in the NZ
    • One group shoots on one end & vice versa
  • Pucks in the NZ (in the circle)
  • Each coach acts as a passive defender in the 2v0 (inside the offensive zone)
  • Four players (start with Dmen) stand on the blue line facing the neutral zone
    • Drill starts (on opposite sides) when X1 (first player/forward) passes the puck to the player on the Blue Line (D1)


  • After X1 passes the puck to the player on the Blue Line, he gives passive resistance while skating at D1 on the blue line
    • D1 can move laterally to create ‘holes’ in X1 and passing lane to get the puck to the second player in the neutral zone X2
      • X2 must also work to find the best open passing lane to receive the puck
  • X2 receives the puck in the neutral zone and immediately passes it to the other blue line where D2 is presenting his stick
    • X2 then gives passive pressure to D2 while X1 moves to space to be a passing option
  • X1 receives the puck from D2; X2 now joins X1 on a 2v0 rush with the coach providing passive resistance for the line rush

**For a warm up drill for the goalies, have both players cross the blue line, kick it out to the wide player & drive the net; the wide player can take an outside shot inside the top of the circles.

  • This will allow the goalie to stop an angle shot with middle lane drive & distribute the puck to the corner so there are no second chances.
  • The outside forward can work on either warming up the goalie OR shooting for his far pad in an effort to create a rebound for the driving forward.


  • Player without the puck must work to get open to receive the puck while the puck carrier can manipulate the ‘passive’ pressure to find lines between the stick and body to pass the puck.
  • During the 2 v 0, coaches can emphasize ‘middle lane drive’ that is a dominant theme in today’s game at all levels.
  • Goalies can see shots from outside the dots to see and feel the puck while working on rebound control.

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