Long Stretch Flow Drill

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This flow drill uses the entire ice and can be a good way to stretch the legs, get a feel for the puck, and get the goalies to see some warm up shots. Split up the team into two even lines in oppostie corners of the rink. Cones can be placed in the neutral zone as shown in the diagram to help guide players and help dictate the timing but as players become more accustomed to the drill they ar not necessary. The first player from each line simply skates down the outside of the ice and takes a shot on net. After their shot they swing back through the middle of the ice to receive a pass from the third player in line. The second player in line will have already started skating towards the neutral zone. Player #1 will try to make a one time pass into space for player #2 to skate into. Player #2 will retrieve the puck, take a shot on net, then swing back through the middle of the ice.


Brian Else on 10/21/2019

Woodbine; goalie warm-up / flow / skating

Bus2011 on 3/10/2019

Long stretch flow drill 

Trappers on 7/12/2018

Nice flow drill, touch and go

colay91 on 5/29/2018

Receive, give pass, shoot full speed.

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