Impossible 3 on 2

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Here is a hockey drill that focuses on defensive coverage.  It is geared towards defensive players but you could also use any player that is supposed to be down low in your own zone.  The offensive players will also have fun with this drill.  Three offensive players, two defensive players, one goalie, and one puck are required.  Set up the players as shown in the diagram, two offensive players below the goal line just inside or lined up with the face off dots.

 The other offensive player is in front of the net and it is their job to get open for a pass from one of the other offensive players.  The defensive player need to work togther to prevent the offensive player in the slot from getting open and recieving a pass from the offensive players below the goal line.  The two players below the goal line can move the puck back and forth while the player in front tries to get open.  If the defenders are too slow to challenge one of the players down low then they may step out and try to score.

The offensive player in the slot should be the first priority for the defenders.  The defensive players need to keep that player tied up until they can switch with their partner.  It requires stop, starts, and communication between the defensive players to keep the offensive players from getting any great scoring opportunities. 


jbona on 12/26/2018


Mmulva29 on 10/29/2018
trent47 on 10/8/2018


kpenney17 on 12/4/2015

add pucks at center after they score forwards need to go get puck attack 3V2 on 10/1/2015

Use both ends -

Use extra offensive D

meaford on 8/31/2015

D zone coverage down low 

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