Head Up Circle Passing Drill

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 This drill is about awareness.  It is a good drill to work on once players have enough ability to control the puck with their head up.  Two players start inside the circle, each with a puck.  4-6 players are stationary around the outside of the circle.  On the whistle the two players have to make as many give and go passes as they can until the next whistle.  The players can find any "available" player on the outside and give them a pass.  The players on the outside will give the pass right back to the player that passed them the puck.  Players on the inside cannot pass to the same player twice in a row.   In order for the drill to work the players on the inside have to play with their heads up in order to find players on the outside that are "available".  Players on the outside also have to be engaged and ready for the players on the inside to give them a pass at any time.


Royals2018 on 10/18/2018


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