Half Ice Angle Drill

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This ice hockey drill focuses on angling and checking.  It is a good drill for both forwards and defense and players should take turns on offense and defense.  One line of players lines up against the boards without pucks near center ice (as shown).  The defensive players line up just below the hash marks with pucks (as shown).  Place either a net or a set of cones near center ice for the offensive players to go around.  The objective is for the offensive player to carry the puck around the net and get a scoring chance on the other net.  The defensive player needs to take an angle with speed to keep the offenive player to the outside.  The defensive players should try to match the offensive players speed and stay about 1/2 step behind to prevent the offenisve player from cutting back to the middle of the ice.  If players struggle with the angle then place another cone near the face off dot that the defensive players have to go around. 

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