Gretzky 3 vs 2 Behind the Net

Gretzky 3 vs 2 Behind the Net


This small area game is played from the top of the circles and below. The coach has the pucks in the middle of the ice and the players are split into two teams and lines up at the top of the circles to define the boudary.

How the game is played

The coach will dump a puck in and designate one team to have 3 players join the game while the other team will have two. The team that has three players must always have one player below the goal line. They can rotate players behind the net but they must always have 1 behind the net.

Coaching Points

  • defensive players need to communicate
  • defensive players need to be aware of the switches
  • forwards should create swtiches and rotate from behind the net to create confusion for defense.

Supporting Fundamentals

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