Give & Go Conditioning II

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I think at times it is important to keep the pucks out when it comes time for conditioning. This conditioning drill is a variation of the first Give & Go Conditioning Drill.  In this version, the player will skate 5 widths of the ice.  Each time they will pass to a different player along the goal line and get a return pass for a shot.  The rule in this drill is that the players have to keep their feet moving.  This way it serves not only as a conditioning drill, but re-enforces a good habit of keeping their moving while shooting.  If you see players start to slow down and glide when they have the puck, make them do it again.


NJPE06 on 8/10/2019


kjr2006 on 11/7/2018


lakerssquirtb on 11/12/2014

Need two goals.

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