German Regroup Drill

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This drill gives players a chance to work on quick transitions.  This situation happens time and time again throughout the course of a game and the quicker your players can counter the more offensive chances they can create.  The coach should set up at center ice with all the pucks.  Forwards should line up just inside the blue line on either side.  Ideally they would be paired with their linemates.  Defense should be lined up on the opposite blue line on the same side as the forwards (see diagram).  On the whistle the coach soflty dumps a puck into the defensive zone.  The defense skates out towards the coach and then forwards to retrieve the puck.  When they get the puck the defense makes a tight turn to face up ice as quickly as possible.  The quicker they can face up ice the quicker they can read the play.  At the  same time the forwards are transitioning, filing up all three lanes, and making themselves available to receive the pass from the defense.  The forward that carries the puck into the zone can delay and hit one of the other two forwards in the high slot or the forward going to the net.

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