Full Ice Overspeed Skating Progression #3

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This overspeed skating drill continues in the same format.  The players are split up into two lines, each on opposite corners.  Two players from each line can go at the same time on the whistle.  In this variation the players will move their feet as fast as they can around the top of the circle and then the bottom of the other circle as shown in the diagram.  After they come out of the second turn they do 3 cross-overs towards the middle of the ice then three cross-overs back to the outside.  They continue doing this while moving their feet as fast as they can all the way down the ice.  It is important to stress to the players to get a full three cross-overs as many will try to get by with two.  It is also key for the players to use the outside edge of the leg that is crossing under to deliver their lateral explosiveness.


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