This drill can be very challenging for defensive players.  The drill forces players to work on taking away time ans space in the defensive zone, recovering from a disadvantageous position, and stamina.

To set up the drill place four lines of players in each corner of the zone with pucks as shown in the diagram.  The coach will name each line 1,2,3, or 4. Make sure all players are fully aware of the label for each line.  The defensive player will start in the middle.

To start the drill the coach yells out a number.  The first player in that line will attack the net.  The defensive player has to react and play the 1 on 1.  On the whistle, that play stops and the coach yells out a new number from which the next player attacks the net 1 on 1.  This sequence repeats 4 times so that the defensive player plays four 1 on 1's, one out of each zone.