Four Wise Men Warm Up

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This warm up drill gets four players involved at one time, includes a couple passes, and shots on the goalies from different angles.  Set up the drill as shown in the diagram with pucks at all four lines.  On the whistle the the first player from each line along the boards (P1) takes off down the wall and receives a pass from the first player on the other line (P2).  The player receives the pass and attacks the blue line inside out and takes a shot from the outside lane.  After P2 makes the pass they skate to the opposite blue line and swing low so they can receive a flat pass from the second player in the line along the wall.  This player receives the pass and takes a shot just inside the blue line.  The first player (P1) will have already shot and they hunt the rebound by skating back into the slot and towards the net as P2 shoots.

Players should work on receiving the puck under control, attacking the blue line with speed,  shooting with their feet moving, swinging low so they receive the second pass, and scoring off the rebound when possible.


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Four line warm up

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Four Wise Men

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drill # 2

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