Four Lines 1 on 1

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This 1 on 1 hockey drill focuses on gap control, controlling the puck in transition, and supporting the puck.  To set up, place two lines of forwards with pucks at opposite blue lines (as shown).  The two lines of defense should be placed at opposite hash marks (as shown).  D1 starts the drill by skating up to the blue line and transitioning backwards into their own zone.  Once they transition, F1 takes a couple of strides with the puck and makes a pass to D1.  D1 needs to control the puck going backwards and make a pass to F2.  F1 times their swing through the neutral zone so they can receive the pass from F2 with separation from D2.  If F1 gets too far ahead they will not have space to operate against the defense.  If they stay in a good support position they will receive the puck with speed and have space to make it tougher on the defense. The drill then repeats form the other side.  The defensive player that made the pass in transition then becomes the defender for the next repetition.

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