Forehand Shooting Fundamentals #4

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This progression of the forehand fundamentals series has players surrounding the puck from their off-hand side. It is a bit more difficult for younger / novice players but a good one to work on.

To set up the drill place the left handed players in line to the goalie's right and the right handed players to the goalie's left. Players will carry the puck around the pad keeping the puck on their forehand. They will surround the puck as they go around the pad. As they get to far side of the pad they should have the puck in shooting position.

Coaching Points

  • keep puck on forehand as you skate around pad.
  • puck should be off the back foot as you start the shot.
  • keep head over the puck.
  • weight should be going towards goalie after shot.
  • stop at the net.


jeff.chapman on 7/17/2019


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