Finland Skating Competition

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This hockey drill incorporates the same footwork as the previous two Finland Skating drills but now the focus is on foot speed.  I think this is a good drill near the end of practice because it is tiring and the moment you introduce a little competition the intensity seems to increase.  It may be a good idea to place some cones or tires on the top and bottom of the circle because players will tend to cheat otherwise. On the whistle the players side step from the gola post to the boards (they have to hit their stick on the boards).  Then they skate forwards up around the top of the cirlce, transition backwards to the bottom of the circle, then transition forwards up the ice in a race for the puck.  The player that gets the loose puck is awarded a scoring chance. The player that does not get the puck should try to catch the player with the puck.


Farrugia on 9/8/2014


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