Finland 3 on 0 Re-Group

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In order for this hockey drill to work player need to focus on accurate passes and timing.  Defense need to work on controlling the puck while moving backwards and keeping their feet moving.  As the players attach the net remind them to drive the net and make sure all three player are stopping in front of the net.

This is a good flow ice hockey drill.  It is a good one to use when you have a lot of players on the ice and you want to keep players moving with lots of puck touches.   Designate two defense to start the drill, they will start in the middle of the ice at the blue line. The defense should take 5 - 10 reps and then switch out.  The other defense should take reps with the forwards.  P1 starts by carrying a puck around the net and making a pass to P2.  At the same time P3 is timing his route through the slot to receive a breakout pass from P2.  P1, after making the pass sprints up ice to catch up to the play, they have to work very hard to get in a good support position in the regroup.  After receiving the pass from P2, P3 can either make a pass to P1 or make the regroup pass to the defense.  The defense should be skating backwards as they recieve the puck, control it, and make an outlet pass to P1.  P3 is skating through the middle with speed and receives the puck from P1.  P2, after making the breakout pass skates up to center ice and curl to become the stretch man and times their break into the zone so they hit the blue line with speed.  P2 becomes the player driving to the net.  P3 can either shoot for a rebound or make a drop pass to P1.


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