Figure Eight Tire Shots

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This is station hockey drill to use in shared ice situations.  The set up requires two tires (or cones) and 1 net.  Place the net along the goal line and the tires just inside the hash marks (as shown).  The first player starts the drill by skating towards the net and then around one of the tires where they pick up a puck.  The player controls the puck around the tire back in front of the net for a shot.  After the shot the player continues around the tire, picks up another puck, maintains control, then fires another shot on net.  The players should work on gaining control of the puck getting it to their forehand as soon as possible and shooting with their head up.

Comments on 9/25/2018

Foot work and Shooting

11kodiaks on 2/21/2018

Good shot with rotation.

melissajo2015 on 12/27/2015


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