East Coast 2 on 0

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This is a good flow drill that requires timing. Set up four lines on each blue line with pucks as shown in the diagram.  On the whistle P1 skates along the boards to the opposite blue line and receives a pass from P4.  P1 receives the pass and then turns up ice to make a pass to P2.  P2 needs to wait until P1 passes their line and then starts.  This will make sure that P2 does not get too far ahead of the play and in a bad position for the pass. It will be the tendency for younger players to make that mistake.  The goal is for P2 to recieve the pass at full speed just as they hit the blue line.  P2 then carries the puck wide into the zone and delays until they can hit P1 in the slot for a shot.  After the pass P2 continues to the net for a re-direct or rebound.  The other two lines begin in the opposite direction once the first pair has crossed the blue line.

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