Defensive Zone Exchange Drill

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This defensive zone hockey drill simulates a situation that always causes problems in the defensive zone.  As the puck goes from one side of the net to the other behind the goal line, it is a good habit for the defender in front of the net to stay there until the other defender comes to relieve them.  Many times defenders are too quick to release and it leaves the opponents wide open in front of the net.

Start the drill with a forward in each corner.  F1 starts with the puck and is protecting it from D1.  F2 is in front of the net and F3 is in the opposite corner without a puck.  On the whistle F1 & D1 play a 1 on 1 in the ocrner until the whistle. On the whistle F1 has to pass the puck to F2 in the other corner.  F1 then has to sprint back to the front of the net to cover F2.  D2 cannot leave F2 open so they have to wait until they are relieved by D1.  Once D1 returns to the front of the net then D2 plays F3 1 on 1 out of the other corner.  If at any time F2 is left open in front then they can receive a pass from one of the other forwards.  The play continues back and forth until the defense create a turnover, the goalie freezes the puck, or a goal is scored.


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